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Phone Systems and Services
We realize that a one-stop IT solution company would be incomplete without phone services, so we have managed to sign some of the best local phone vendors in conjunction with our internal resources. In typical Tricet fashion, we look after our customers so the phone vendors that we involve in our services are carefully screened and we guarantee their professionalism, competitive pricing and your satisfaction. Through us and our vendors we can offer the following phone services:
  • Review of your existing phone plans and services. Are you paying too much? The industry has changed. What you think were acceptable rates yesterday might be too high today. We will give you an unbiased "reality check" and will recommend changes (if necessary). Our current experience is that 3 out of 5 businesses are paying about 100% more for long distance and 33-50% more for local toll calls.
  • Phone lines long and short term planning and architecture. Are you getting the most out of your phone lines? Do you have too much? Are you paying for lines you don't need? Is there a bottle neck on your phone system? We can answer those questions.
  • Phone system analysis. We can certainly help you choose the right solution for your current and future business needs. There is no charge for your initial consultation.