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Remote backups
Tricet is one of the first and very few companies in the Boston region to offer remote backups. The technology is simple- we run a small client program on one of your PCs (desktop or server) which according to predetermined schedule automatically sends your selected for backup files over the Internet to our data center in Dedham. The data is encrypted with key known only to you and although we are storing the information for you we have no access to it. During the transition over the Internet the data is encrypted using a 3DES algorithm which is for all practical purposes unbreakable. If a restore is required the client uses a intuitive file-browser graphical interface to pick up and call back desired files for instant restoration. Up to 90 days of backups are available online for immediate restore.
  • No need for tapes and tape drives.
  • No need for a "tape person" to switch tapes, monitor backups, store tapes off-site, recall tapes in case of restore requests.
  • No need to purchase monthly tapes.
  • In case of a restore request there is no need to recall tapes from off-site (usually 24 hours delay)- up to 90 days backup history is available online for instant restore.
  • Your data is stored at our enterprise class data center protected with industrial UPSs, fire extinguishing system and all necessary precautions to guarantee the safekeeping of your data.
  • Piece of mind. We have dedicated staff monitoring closely your daily backups to make sure your data is stored safely on our premises.
Possible Holdbacks:
  • Might not be a good solution for your needs depending on how much data you are backing up every night (or as needed). Based on an average Internet connection, anything over 10GB of nightly backups is not suitable for nightly remote backing up. We will be more than happy to qualify your needs and determine suitability.