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Search Engine Marketing
Search Marketing Starts With Your Keyword Strategy!
We provide qualified, targeted visitors to online companies through keyword strategy and keyword expansion. Our search engine optimization services are designed to maximize your ROI. We will help provide qualified, targeted visitors to your Web sites so that you can achieve the highest market penetration, sales leads and direct sales.
SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Submission Service
SEO is a balance of optimizing your website and understanding the top rated search engines and there listing policies. We examine your site for common failures that can result in poor search engine ranking. Don't believe the scams, that just don't die, from companies that drop spam into your inbox every week offering to submit your website to "thousands" of search engines for the low low price of $49 a month.
We know exactly what your target audience is searching for on the internet. Which search engines they use and what keywords they are most likely to type in when looking for a product or service just like yours.
We have consulted in a wide range of industries from local industies to the costliest: mesothelioma search engine optimization.
ROI, Return On Investment
The key in maximizing ROI is to get your AD/Site in front of the right target market. Getting in touch with your target market can be tricky, especially if you don't want to pay thousands of dollars for the leads.
Ideally, your goal is to choose a keyword phrase that doesn't have a huge amount of competition but that (hopefully) a large number of people are searching for. This is where the KEI comes in. KEI, which stands for Keyword Effectiveness Index, refers to the number of times a keyword has appeared in word tracking data compared with the number of competing web pages, which points to which keywords would be most effective for your search engine marketing campaign.
In other words, the higher the KEI, the more popular your keyword phrases are, and the less competition they have. A "good" keyword to target is one that has a KEI of around 100, but an "excellent" keyword to target has a KEI of over 400.
Paid Placement
Paid placement allows companies to bid for search results at a search engine site. The highest bidder gets the top keyword ranking. Most advertising mediums charge a rate based on the number of viewers or readers, whether or not your target market actually sees your message. With paid placement you only pay when a prospect clicks into your site.
We offer top notch pay-per-click management. Save time and money, never overbid and increase your ROI through maintaining your position.