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Servers and Desktops
We do it all. We can assist you in design and implementation of any configuration of servers, authentication mechanisms, applications, data storage and backup solutions, user rights and policies, etc. We will investigate your client/ server needs and will recommend a solution that we know works. Our proposals range from text-book scenarios to no no-sense one-off customized solutions. Here is what we offer:
Server infrastructure design - We will help you tailor your servers deployment to your specific business needs. We can advise you on the efficiency, reliability and scalability of your solution in mind. Or we can design everything based on your requirements.
Server/ applications deployment - We deal with all major server operating systems- Microsoft, Unix and Novell. We have extensive experience with those platforms and have first- hand knowledge on "what/ how", "how much" and "how long" type of questions. Given specific business requirements we can recommend software packages based on any set of criteria. In doing so, we rely heavily on our previous experience in similar situations. We make an effort to never learn "on your dime", but if we have to it will not be "your dime"- see the "Our Philosophy" section for more information.
Desktop Deployment - Simple- yet not. We will make sure that your end-user stations are designed to facilitate and expedite your business workflow; that they run the right software and the users can do their work efficiently and securely.